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Welcome to Turkmenistan’s Supreme Council for Science and Technology (SCST) postgraduate education website. The website is aimed at being an arena for information exchange on both Turkmenistan and international postgraduate education. Turkmen postgraduate students, teachers, research community members and science administrators will find here information on systems of postgraduate education used in Turkmenistan and abroad.

Also, in vice versa the website offers comprehensive information on postgraduate education for foreign students, research community members and education authorities, as well as for other users interested in postgraduate education in Turkmenistan, which is in process to upgrade its postgraduate education standards to meet and present international standards. The website comprises four sets of postgraduate education information. Information is available in three languages: Turkmen, English and Russian.

The Turkmenistan System of Postgraduate Education comprises general information and regulatory basis in details, accessible through the search engine on the website. Three postgraduate level system of degrees and curricula: Master’s, Sub-doctoral and Doctoral degrees are described in details too. Also, the emerging professional postgraduate educations such as MBA and other certified Management Training programs associated with Universities are included. ICT topics and curricula associated with postgraduate education are focused explicitly

All Turkmen higher education and research institutions offering postgraduate education are accessible through a link on the website.. The Study Support systems include information on national and international exchange and scholarship programs. There is a link to pan-European CIMO program on the website and also further links to other programs are provided.

The 2008 Postgraduate Education Standards Survey in Selected Countries survey by SCST-Tacis provides detailed information in the similar format as the Turkmenistan System of Postgraduate Education. The survey results and links to selected countries offer country level information on postgraduate education under diverse academic research tradition and cultural settings. Finland as a representative of advanced industrialized country with Scandinavian higher education system, Jordan as a progressive Arab country prioritizing higher education and S & T development, and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia as samples of transitional postgraduate education systems in neighboring countries in transition. more>>>

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PES in Selected Coutries by Tacis-SCST survey in 2008:

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