Science and Technology of Youth, #3, 2019

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J. Allaberdiyeva, B. Mammedova.
The XVIII-XIX centuries shoe craft of Turkmen people.

G. Gylyjova.
Ancient city on the Great Silk Road.

A. Babayeva.
Belts are special color of the Turkmen national clothes.

N. Tuvakov.
Sheikh Sheref and his work «Muinul-murid».

H. Halmamedov.
The Relevance of Humanitarian Sciences in Modern Age.

M. Akmyradova, A. Gurbandurdyyeva.
Realization social politicians in Turkmenistan.

M. Nurlyyeva.
Use of Distant Technologies in Teaching Simultaneous Translation.

B. Hojageldiyeva.
Modern architecture and Ashgabat.

G. Ataballyyev.
Educational Process Automation Information System.

G. Atayeva.
Legal principles of organization and protection of work of youth in Turkmenistan.

B. Gurbanov, S. Sariyev.
Advantages of innovative facilities in specialists training.

E. Roziyeva, M. Muhanov.
Assumption retail trade volume by month.

G. Geldymyradov.
Ways of competitiveness increasing of national economy.

N. Hudayberdiyeva.
Molecular structure of «Dien» modifer in the Sulfur Concrete Construction materials and methods of obtaining.

H. Altybayev.
Methods of grading in digital education system.

M. Shammedov.
Improvement of technology and construction of grinder of cotton stalks.

G. Shyhgulyyeva.
Importance of mint in fghting against some insects (fly).

D. Babamuradova, L. A. Orazova.
The chemical characteristic and ways of filtering of the train waters of Mary State Electric station.

M. Orazov.
Design a refrigerator based on the Pelt element.

B. Annamyradova.
The analysis of the wind phenomena in Turkmenistan.

P. Nurmedov, S. Garayev.
Optimal solution in innovative technologies in the program linearly parametric tasks.

A. G. Geldimyradov.
The analysis of underground gas storage development.

J. Guldurdiyeva, H. Aynazarov, G. Orazov.
Use and results in the treatment of apical periodontitis with St Jon’s wort extract.

A. Berdiyev.
Learning physico-chemical and medicinal characteristics of fenugreek.

S. Gurbanova, B. Hojagulyyev, A. Halidova.
Cardiovascular pathologies in rheumatoid arthritis.

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