Science and Technology of Youth, #4, 2020

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A. Gylyjov.
The image of khans and serdars in the works by Esteemed President

S. Ýazhanov.
Eġamplery way of creating artistic image

S. Islamowa.
Eternal Neutrality: Reliable resource of Development

O. Hangulyyeva.
Economic component of the Neutrality policy of Turkmenistan

A. Bekhranov.
Studying of Shakhrislam monuments

J. Ilamanova.
Specific peculiarities of one-member sentences in Turkmen and Russian

E. Annagurbanova, B. Bekmurzaev.
Features of studying foreign languages in technical higher educational institutes

G. Garayeva.
Equivalents of the Russian and Turkmen proverbs and sayings reflecting specifics of national mentality

R. Goklenov.
Language and genre system of the internet newspapers

B. Niyazova.
Psychology of regular hearing of relations in communications

H. Deryayev.
Dirihle and his principle

G. Hannayeva, R. Muhammedov.
Choral works by the composer D. Ovezov

A. Metjiyev.
Bicameral parliament as a new basis for further development of democratization and effectiveness in sphere of decision making and qualitative law-making

L. Shammeva.
Issues of improvement of scientific jewelry youth

J. Hanowa.
Psychophysiological reaction features in athletes of the highest achievements in table tennis during the period of competitive activity

J. Agamyradova.
The influence of import substitution production on the economic security of the country

S. Orazmammedov, J. Weliyeva.
Solving parametric linear programming problems using innovative technologies

Sh. Bayecov, G. Amanov.
Solution of chemical problems by means of linear relation of vectors

B. Achilov, O. Saparlyyewa.
The possibility of preparing biofuel from local materials in the conditions of Turkmenistan

A. Muhammedova.
Analysis of expanding the telecommunications network in Mary city on the basis of wide range radioentrance technology

B. Jumayev, A. Shaymerdanov, N. Saparnazarov.
Project and features of automated smart house with microcontroller

M. Shukurova.
Modeling the storage of foodstuffs

D. Yusubov, P. Ovezov.
The regulation of the frequency rotation three-phase asynchronous motor with operated by inverter

D. Yhtyyarov.
The efficient use of food waters in the mountainous and piedmont regions of Turkmenistan

A. Berdiyev, I. Gurbanov, M. Annaberdiyeva.
Determination of phytochemical characteristics and biological activity of seeds of fenugreek

Sh. Sahetdurdyyev, M. Hydyrgulyyeva.
Causes of hypoxic damage to the cardiovascular system in low birth weight infants.

B. Amanov.
The functional state of the capillaries of the gingiva in children with dentoalveolar anomalies

K. Gayypov, A. Allaberdiyev.
Features of respiratory treatment in the postoperative period to remove neoplasms from the cerebral hemispheres and the fourth ventricle of the brain

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