Science and Technology of Youth, #4, 2019

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Z. Lalakova.
The Great Silk Road: From the history of cultural development of the Central Asia.

M. Kichiyev.
Famous as-Sarakhsis in the history.

G. Setdarova.
Agriculture of Dekhistan in the high medieval.

G. Atayeva.
Movie soundtracks in Nury Halmammedov’s music.

B. Annabayev.
Robert Lach — the musicologist who studied the Turkmen music.

M. Ashirova, Jh. Karryeva.
The Role of Proverbs and Sayings in Teaching English.

A. Gylyjov.
Image of Keymir Serdar in the novel by Ata Durdyýev «Keymir kor».

A. Rozyeva.
Gender features in the moral education of proverbs in the epic «Gorkut Ata».

J. Ezimova.
Legal basis of the ecological policy of Turkmenistan.

A. Yegenova, G. Kairova.
Growth of Turkmenistan’s foreign trade.

A. Shiriev.
The importance of innovations in the development of the banking system.

A. Atdyyeva.
The basic principles of ensuring the labor of the population of Turkmenistan.

A. Karyagdyev, T. Jumaev.
Analyzing the impact of development of using renewable energy sources in Turkmenistan on labor market.

M. Soyunova.
The optimal determination of the amount of investment in the direction of the textile industry.

B. Jepbarova, G. Otuzova.
Features of the use of photoautotrophic microalgae in the energy sector of Turkmenistan.

E. Kepbanova.
Obtaining activated coal by carbonization of rice husk grown in Turkmenistan.

B. Akdzhayev, H. Geldiyev, P. Atayev.
Innovative biotechnology for the production of liquids with fuel and energy capabilities.

Sh. Artykov.
Determination of compression level of locomotive diesels.

A. Arabaliyeva.
Possibilities of enrichment of phosphoritic ores of Turkmenistan using fotation method.

M. Pirlekov.
Improving measures on cotton pests control.

Yu. Veliyev.
Technology of meat and sheepskins production in sheep husbandry.

S. Mammedov, S. Pleskanovskaya, G. Gulgeldyev.
Erythrocyte profle in preschool children with acute purulent parulis.

G. Esenova, J. Annanurov, H. Kadyrov.
Assessment of anthropometric indicators of sports that young athletes are involved in.

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