Science and Technology of Youth, #3, 2020

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E. Beknazarov.
Achievements of neutral Turkmenistan.

Ch. Orazova, M. Shyhyeva.
Neutrality is the foundation of peace.

Ch. Kakalyyeva, D. Geldiyeva.
The importance of Turkmen Neutrality in the develoment of international relations.

A. Saparberdiyev, G. Kushayeva.
Neutrality — the purposeful creation of peace in the world community.

M. Seyidova.
National backgrounds of Turkmen neutrality.

M. Nepesov, G. Rejepova.
Neutral Turkmenistan and international cultural relations.

M. Saryyeva.
The principles of the positive Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

A. Gurbandurdyyeva.
Neutral Turkmenistan — a guarantee of the peace and development.

O. Taganov, I. Ulukov.
Neutrality and Border protection.

M. Annamuhammedova.
The Neutrality of Turkmenistan is the heart of economic development.

O. Bayramova.
Description of neutrality in literature.

Ya. Charyyev.
From the history of ancient villages located in the territory of the capital.

G. Durdymyradov, A. Shamyradov.
The importance of games in teaching English.

O. Annadurdyeva.
Inferior of Turkmen house in literature.

A. Aydogdyeva, B. Yakubova.
Epos «Shasenem-Garyp» in Turkmen music art.

M. Baijanov.
Transport and transit capabilities of the Caspian Sea.

D. Danliyev, O. Cherkezova.
Translation of polysemous sports terms from English into Turkmen.

S. Hojageldiyev, G. Gurbanova.
Analysis of the combined work of the 8thpower unit of Mary State Power Plant with a gas turbine installation.

R. Gulgarayev.
Modernization of energy supply in the railway branch by using sources of energy distillation.

N. Charykulyyeva.
Fabrication of thin films of titanium oxide for perovskite solar cells and their electron microscopic studies.

B. Yuldashov.
Ecological problems of the Aral Sea coast.

A. Khemrayev, B. Atayeva, Ch. Khojamuhammedova.
Options for sculpture to be used in construction industry.

A. Altyyev, S. Owezsahedov, B. Atdayev.
Process of determining the mineral composition of Garagum’s sand deposits by using organic solvents.

K. Kakalyev, B. Salyhov, O. Aynazarova.
Improvement of methods for cleaning used water after washing cars.

Y. Bolmammedov, T. Hojageldiyev, A. Allaberdiyev.
The importance of biological rhythms in the treatment of hypertension.

A. Sahetniyazova, B. Akiyeva, O. Annamuhammedova.
A study of the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus with a decoction of a flower of a common thorn.

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