Science and Technology of Youth, #2, 2020

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B. Matliyev. Turkmenistan’s Permanent Neutrality as an important tool for strengthening international security

G. Mezilov, M. Ekayev. Nanotechnology, graphene and future of nanomaterials

S. Kakalyyew. Legend about Zohak

G. Komekova. Tutors advising to build the state

T. Hoshanova. Process of improving the Institute of Neutrality in International Law

B. Gurbandurdyev. Uniqueness of a rolled (curved) saber

A. Nurmuhammedowa. Topical issues of compiling dictionary in modern linguistics

A. Yazmuhammedov. Sh. Ahmedova. Importance of using active methods in teaching history

O. Halnazarova. The benefits of using the books of our Respectful President in learning the rules of separation of narrow vowels in school

Sh. Annagylyjova, L. Annadurdyyeva. Importance of the music in film (on example of the music from R. Rejebov’s film Zohre-Tahir)

Ch. Amanow. Models for predicting investment returns

E. Kadyrova. The ways of development of entrepreneurship in digital economics

N. Amankulyev. The technology for rational use of water the «Altyn asyr» turkmen lake by combining alternative energy sources

Sh. Akmyradov, S. Batyrov. Substantiation of production capabilities of plain bearings for repair work

K. Arazmedov, M. Hudayberdiyev. Technology for producing energy-saving porous brick based on local raw materials

S. Agalykov. The optimal solution to the problem with linear-fractional programming of innovative technology

A. Dovletov, O. Bayramova. Ways to reduce production costs

P. Berdiyev. Setting up wireless local set by using «WI-FI» technology in the railway plants

P. Hojagulyyev, O. Atajanova, A. Yazjumayeva. Imaging of inscriptions and drawings using LEDs

A. Pyshykova, Ch. Hojamuhammedova, B. Atayeva. Innovative methods for producing ammonium sulphate from local raw materials

A. Hudaynazarova, M. Resulgulyev. Deriving carboxylic acid from condensate of the Dovletabad gas field

A. Akmuradov, B. Kakabayeva, O. Hojaliyeva. Ethnomedicine scientific aspects of diuretic and antihelminthic features of ferns of the Kopetdag mountains

M. Shyhlyyeva, M. Annanurova, G. Babayeva. Risk factors in the formation of prolonged diarrhea in children

T. Toyguliev, J. Penaeva, A. Agamyradova. The role of optical coherent tomography in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy

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