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G. Gundogdyeva.
Novel by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov «Döwlet guşy» — the invaluable source of linguistics.

A. Hudaygulyyev.
The peaceful principle of Salahaddin Ayyubi, the sultan of state Oguz Turkmens.

P. Halmyradov.
Custom of «Giving blessing» in blacksmithing.

J. Baltaeva, Sh. Piriev.
Image of a racehorse in sculptural art of independent Turkmenistan.

M. Hudayberdiyev.
The Great Silk Road and the customs-law relations.

N. Shyhlyev.
Foreign policy and diplomacy of Turkmenistan: in the service of peace and security.

Z. Babanazarova.
Contents and types lease contract.

O. Atakova.
Solving problems of cargo transportation in economics-mathematical models.

A. Saparowa.
Bases and features of the creation free economic zones.

G. Ussayeva.
Development of entrepreneurship in the Prosperous Epoch of the Powerful State.

M. Yazdurdiyev.
Some cases about the limit theory.

A. Babayev.
Building connection of mobile applications to the server using Http, Https and Rest architecture.

Ch. Amanov.
Forecasting proftability investment projects in economics.

Ch. Babaniyazov.
Impact combined use of mineral and organic fertilizer effect on cotton yields.

M. Atabayev.
Characteristics of the chemical composition and irrigation quality of Amudarya River waters.

M. Babayev, Sh. Klichova.
Possibilities of manufacturing of coloured glass on the basis of local raw materials.

M. Atayev, M. Churiyev.
Development of technology of creation of sensors and «smart equipment».

A. Dangatarov, S. Ch. Ashyrov, M. Gylyjova.
Improvement of land reclamation cars in the conditions of Turkmenistan.

H. Orunbayev.
Characteristics and ways of synthesizing carbon nanotubes.

J. Ovezova, Sh. Bayramov.
Creation of the software to improve the management of information management in the educational process.

A. Nuryyev.
Mineral nutrients of the cleared sewer and main collector waters of Ashgabat.

B. Annayev.
Using the method of electromyography for the project «Robo-arm».

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