Science and Technology of Youth, #1, 2021

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O. Nurberdiyeva.
Neutrality Policy of Turkmenistan is a reliable way to ensure peace and environmental security in the world

M. Mommaliyeva.
The female statues of ancient Merv as historical sources

D. Aramedov.
Cities in modern society

N. Atashova, G. Gylyjova.
Principles of piece of the Seljuk sultans in historical written sources

N. Kurbanov.
Differences and similarities of objects in Turkmen and English

Y. Babaýewa.
Importance of teaching Sociology in English language

L. Gurdova.
On similarities of family and kinship terms in Turkmen and Japanese

G. Gelenova, L. Hudayberdiyeva. Culture of using linguistic units in a formal working style

G. Ataeva.
National culture as one of the main tolls for strengthening diplomatic relations

G. Bayramalyeva, R. Muhammedov.
Operatic singers’ singing skills

D. Moytiev.
A figurative exposition of the friendship of the Turkmen-Hindi

S. Hemrayeva.
Role of digital diplomacy in the implementation of foreign policy

R. Hydyrow, A. Babayew.
The importance of training young professionals to use modern computer software

A. Dovletova, Ch. Temirov.
Algorithms of solving transportation problems and their programming

J. Orayeva.
International trade: harmonization of national and international norms

A. Soyenjov.
Introduction to «Node.js» for beginners

B. Jumayeva.
Implementation of world experience of deposit operations in banks

N. Shamyradov.
The method to reduce the loss of electrical energy of industrial enterprises

M. Danatarova, T. Mammedov.
Possibilities of saving energy sources with overpressure

T. Pashikova.
Creation of photodetectors of solar UV radiation for ecological investigations

E. Beknazarov.
Prospects for the development of non-resource exports in foreign trade of Turkmenistan

E. Annahanov, D. Gurbannazarov.
Obtaining magnesium oxide and calcium chloride from local raw materials

M. Resulgulyev, Z. Shihmuradova.
Obtaining construction limestone and ammonium sulfate from phosphogypsum raw material

M. Akmammedova.
Obtaining the extract from the blackberry plant and preparation of morphological dyes

A. Ayytgulyyeva.
Production of biofertilizer from Trichoderma soil fungi for agricultural crops

Sh. Sahetdurdyyev, A. Bayramova.
Risk factors for hypoxic brain damage in premature infants

A. Myradova, H. Babamuradov.
Hygienic evaluation of the nutrition status of the students of the Medical University for realization of the «Healthy University» project

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