Science and Technology of Youth, #1, 2020

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. Pollanova. The works of fiction of our esteemed President an inexhaustible pearl

L. Merdanova. Master of methodical organizational works

G. Annageldiyeva. Merv’s irrigation system in the mid-century

A. Jeyhunov. The ways of expressing negation in Turkmen andEnglish

E. Nurieva. Form and genre variations in the work of Turkmen composers

Y. Ulukov. Physique features of the Turkmen alabay

A. Torayev. Water is the source of life

I. Ismailov. The machine translation of official-business documents from Turkmen into Russian language

J. Amandurdyyeva. The basis of advertisement and its influence to the economy

J. Gutliyev. Caspian Sea — a sea of friendship, harmony and cooperation

G. Abydov. Heat of carriage roof under influence of railway speed

Y. Bazarov, A. Jumayev. The automated digital control system of energy supply

O. Muhammedova, Ya. Meredov. Analysis of environmental benefits of Energy saving

P. Shovkedov, S. Sylapov. Method for producing a cleaner from waste of wood-vegetable raw materials

R. Tangriberganov, L. Berkelieva. Technology of production of a shoe polish based on local raw materials

K. Annacharyev. The importance of digital adoption to the chemical industry

A. Akgayev. The importance of Blockchain technology for data sharing

S. Bekmammedov. Use of solar energy in the manufacture of concrete products

D. Saryev. Direction for the use of artificial intelligence in the development among of the economy of Turkmenistan

. Jumayeva. Distribution of radiation scattered elements in the hydromineral sources of Turkmenistan

O. Saryeva. Portable processing methods plastic a waste and reception from them different products

S. Nokerov, D. Hallayev, S. Bashov. «Android» application based wirelessly controlled mobile robotic arm

M. Nurnazarov, Ya. Orunov. Hematological features of toxic liver at experiment

B. Dadishsov, O. Garlyev, A. Akmuradov. Scientific ethnobotanical aspects of the endemic and medicinal plants of Koytendag using in childhood diseases

H. Yarashova. Study of chemical composition of Juniperus turcomanica and Artemisia absinthium and their importance in medicine

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