Science and Technology of Youth, #4, 2021

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A. Gurbandurdyyeva, O. Muhammedova.
Turkmen Neutrality is the way of peace

B. Hojaniyazov, G. Atadurdiyeva.
Historical signifcance of humanity principle carried out by National Leader

N. Orazmedova, K. Khodjakuliev.
National wrestling: history and modernity

L. Allaberdiyeva.
Development of literature in the state of Khorezmshakh

T. Muhammedova.
One of the influential writers of Turkmen literature

M. Dadayeva.
Comparative analysis of the sentence structure in Turkmen an Japanese languages

G. Durdyeva.
Performance manner of bakhshi Ashyrmammed Davudov

B. Esenova.
The psychology of gradual knowledge improvement

M. Hapyzova.
Humanism is the beginning of nurture

A. Jumagulyyev, S. Rahimov.
The role of preventive diplomacy in ensuring regional security, peace and the positive experience of Turkmenistan

O. Yazmyradova, G. Jorayeva.
The role of tongue twisters in the formation of correct speech skills in early childhood development

A. Shamyradov, G. Durdymyradov.
Principles of organizing creative speech

G. Bekiyeva.
The suffix «-ing» forming gerund, participle and verbal noun in English and their equivalence in Turkmen

P. Koldashova.
Comparative analysis of Turkmen and English phraseologisms with zoonymic components

P. Gurbanov.
Solution of some nonlocal problems of Parabola-hyperbolic equation

A. Amanmadov.
Modern methods for determining the sizes of gold nanoparticles

A. Karyagdyyev, T. Charyyeva.
Economical significance of implementing digital technologies in generating electrical energy

R. Hydyrow, S. Meredow.
Automatic method using the «KOMPAS-3D» program to perform graphic tasks

B. Arbabov, M. Serdarov.
Analysis of best practices in creating a «Smart city»

A. Geldimyradov, R. Komekov.
Possibilities of ionic liquids in purifcation of natural gas from acid gases

V. Hubbetdinova, B. Atayeva, Ch. Hojamuhammedova.
Sulfur concrete production

Sh. Dovletow.
Biological methods of protection of the road systems from quick sand

N. Allanazarov, G. Geldiyeva, B. Reyimov.
Digital system for assessing wind resources

S. Hudaynazarov, A. Shamyradov.
Digital mapping methods used in agricultural land and increasing yields through remote monitoring

O. Bashimova.
Detection of antimicrobial activity of licorice extract

S. Serdarov, L. Ergeshova, T. Annayeva.
Technological production of kvass from milk whey on a scientific basis

D. Porrykov, O. Rozyyeva, Z. Babakulyyeva.
Isolation of biological active compound glycyrrhizin from Licorice root in pure form and its usage in manufacture

A. Hallyyeva, M. Hydyrov.
Cultivation of the Turkmen mandrake in the climatic conditions of Southern Turkmenistan

Ya. Shukurov, G. Goshayev.
Treatment and prevention features of viral diarrhea for Turkmen Alabai puppies

A. Rahmanova, W. Grafova, G. Garayev.
Morbidity among students of arterial hypertension and abdominal obesity

Yu. Kurambayev, A. Atamuradov.
Digital technology for pneumonia detection

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