Science and Technology of Youth, #3, 2021

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L. Allaberdiyeva.
Preparation of the book of exercises for learning in English through the stories and legends in the books of our esteemed President

O. Amanova, M. Akmyradova.
Eternal Neutrality is a great achievement of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy

A. Arnepesova, I. Hudayberdiyev.
Preventive diplomacy — an important tool for maintaining peace and stability in Central Asia

K. Kakajyyev.
The miniature decorate of medieval manuscripts

I. Ulukov, A. Nepesov.
Wise poet who followed in his father’s footsteps

O. Bayramova.
Matter relating to artistic thinking in literary studies

J. Ilamanova.
Comparative analysis of one-member sentences in Turkmen and Russian

N. Tasheva.
On the etymology of the name Abiverd

A. Godorov.
The importance of program «Derňew» in learning phonetics

N. Mamedov.
Peculiarities in development of interrelation between Turkmen and Russian languages

G. Chariyeva.
The features of rhythm in the work of Turkmen composers

E. Nuryyeva.
Part I of the string quartet of D. Nuryev as an example of free variations

M. Orazova.
The possibility of using innovative technologies in teaching alternative energy sources

D. Ballyyeva.
Ensuring International Humanitarian law — is a Key for solid peace on the Earth

G. Taganova.
Bank deposits’ features

Z. Karayeva, S. Klicheva.
Technology for production of colored cement products from local raw materials

Y. Yakubov, M. Hudayberdiyev.
The possibility of processing waste polymeric materials in Turkmenistan

S. Halykova.
Role of the digital system in ensuring environmental awareness of Turkmenistan

S. Khamraeva, M. Atajanova.
Management of cargo transportation in terminal system

G. Garayev, R. Esedulayev, B. Mammedov.
The ultrasound influence on oil well fow rate

S. Charyyev, B. Gochyyev.
Electric field near internal electric wires

R. Meredov.
Biological methods for protection of road system from sand movement

G. Gurbanmyradov.
Digital management as an instrument of the personnel policy of educational organization

D. Bekjaev.
Possibilities of obtaining natural dyes from local raw materials

G. Gylychyazova, N. Ismayilova.
Biological activities of chemical constituents of Ferula Assafoetida Linn. And their pharmacological effects

P. Shovkedov, B. Sylabova.
Development of a method for obtaining natural antibacterial soap

B. Annamyradova, O. Berdiyev.
Economic importance of analysis of phytoplankton of Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr»

N. Atayeva, G. Charyyeva, M. Annadurdyyeva.
Comparative analysis of lesions of brain vascular basins at primary and repeated strokes

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