Science and Technology of Youth, #2, 2021

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D. Nazarov.
Neutrality — the fag of statehood traditions

R. Ishangulyyev, Y. Bayramdurdyyev, B. Goshayeva.
The impact of Neutrality on investment inflows for regional «Smart» specialization: in case of Garachagyl square, Balkan velayat

Y. Kurambayev, J. Ashyrbayev.
Smart technology for recognition Turkmen language

L. Gurdova.
Originality of the mentality and linguistic culture of the Turkmen and Japanese people

B. Annamyradova, L. Jangulyyeva.
Analysis of wind getting in Turkmenistan from Aral region and the role of licorice agrocenosis in lowering winds impact

M. Bekiyeva.
Comparison of finite element and finite difference methods on the example of a parabolic equation

G. Ovezdurdyeva.
Innovative technology for obtaining synthetic fiber by recycling waste plastic materials

M. Yazdurdiyev.
Problem with moving boundaries for one-dimensional equations of thermal conduction

A. Babayev.
Features of designing the «Smart» lighting system

S. Nokerov, A. Akgayev.
Simulation tool for studying path loss of radiowave propagation in case of large city

A. Gurbanveliyeva.
Palladium-gallium arsenide (Pd-GaAs) schottky photodiodes

B. Atdayev.
Technology of obtaining disinfectant solution from residual salts

E. Dowranova, I. Shakulov.
Technology for producing potassium sulfate from phosphogypsum, the main waste of the chemical factory of Turkmenabad

A. Berdiyeva.
Extraction of anthocyanins from barberry fruits and preparation of food colorant

P. Durdygylyjov.
Foundation of the Tahirid state following the weakening of the state of Abbasids

M. Bayjanov.
Political and commercial relations in the state of Mamluks

Sh. Ilmyradov.
Model caravanserais built in the Middle Ages by Sarahks in the lands of Turkmenistan

G. Gurbanmyradova.
Artistic character in G. Shamiyev’s novels

A. Veliyeva.
Problem of the adaptability of English words used in the Turkmen language

S. Oveznepesova, G. Yarashova.
Smart security

G. Yagshyyeva.
Ethnographer V. G. Moshkova about Turkmen carpets

J. Ilamanova, O. Orazova, S. Hydyrov.
Modern theoretical and practical foundations for compiling dictionaries

G. Guldurdiyeva.
Structural features of sonatina for piano by D. Khydyrov

A. Omarova.
The international and national bases of regulation of use of transboundary waters

A. Amanova.
Improving the reliability of digital data transmission in the local network by coding method

D. Agajanov, D. Agajykov.
The importance of energy management in energy conservation

O. Mammedova.
Increase of superficial qualities of concrete with the help of colloidal systems

M. Allaberdiyeva, K. Saryyev.
Complex design of an energy-saving solar water desalination plant

H. Saparmuradov.
The methods of getting hybrid sorts of apple

A. Almyradov.
Development of market relations as the main factor of improvement of the condition of the enterprise

B. Bayramgeldiyev, H. Atayev.
Development of scientific foundations for production of anhydrous nitric acid from local raw materials

B. Akiyeva, M. Klychmammedova, J. Nuriyeva.
The study chronic pyelonephritis in patients with diabetes mellitus

G. Chopanova, T. Hmelevskaya, Ye. Zavodchikova.
Effect of electrophoresis with the preparation of therapeutic mud of Mollakara on adaptive reactions of rabbits

J. Atayeva, A. Akmuradov, O. Ismailova.
Elemental composition of ferns of Kopetdag and technology of the production of anthelmintic drugs

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