Science and Technology of Youth, #1, 2022

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B. Mammedova, B. Chakanova.
Cultural relations between neutral Turkmenistan and Russia

Y. Shamammedov. Musical toys of Turkmen children in the late XIX — early XX century

M. Halmuhammedova.
The ancient traditions of the Turkmen people related to the art of digging wells

G. Chariyeva.
Terms of traditions in Turkmen and Persian languages

M. Shukurova, T. Mamedov.
The methods of using digital technologies in teaching chemistry

J. Babayeva.
Significance of teaching Journalism in English language

K. Yovbasarov.
Musical theory Barbad

J. Orayeva.
Digital law: society’s reliable guarantee

Sh. Kurbanov.
Ecological policy and national law

G. Hommadova.
International private law: development of law on intellectual property in Turkmenistan

B. Jumayev, H. Annagurbanov.
Project of digital system intended to efficiently organize the works of Young scholars’ council

R. Nurmyradov.
Ways to improve the transport logistics system in a market economy

A. Saparberdiyev.
The method of protection settlements from flood in the foot of the mountains

P. Gulmuradov, Sh. Geldiyev, P. Ishanov.
The role of motivation in increasing productivity in enterprises and organisations

M. Danatarova, M. Agayeva.
The importance of using renewable energy sources in power plants with connected units

M. Zahirov.
Analytical solution of differential equations using the «Maple» program

M. Soyunova, G. Kutlyyev.
Optimally solve the investment problem between to the two enterprises

R. Hydyrov, B. Mukymov.
Optimization of transport flow time at the crossroads

N. Jumakova.
«Arduino Nano» based 3D laser scanner build technology

P. Rejepov, P. Ataev.
The portable oxygen breathing apparatus is based on adsorption phenomena

B. Malikguliyev, M. Babaev.
Scientific study of the possibility of manufacturing armatures, profiles, reinforced with artificial fibers in Turkmenistan

N. Kurbanalyyev, A. Egemberdiyeva.
The innovative technology of production of biopolymers based on starch extraction

R. Begmuradov, S. Nuryyev, K. Ryzayev.
Eco-friendly bioethanol production technology based on cotton stalks, a local raw material in Turkmenistan

S. Gedayev, O. Rozyyeva, M. Ergeshov.
Studies on phytochemical screening of liquorice extract

A. Meredov, Yu. Veliyev.
A reliable way to increase the honey production of the honeybee family

J. Ashyrov, M. Klycheva, B. Udayeva.
Justification of works of cotton sowing season

G. Allakulyyeva, R. Hallyyev.
The role of polyethylene in feeding red California worms

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