Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #6, 2020

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

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A. Nuwwayev.
Sport revivals in neutrality Turkmenistan.

A. Geldimyradov.
Basic requirements for exploration of geological structures for the construction of underground gas storage.

G. Amannazarov.
Possibilities of transformation of oil tars into viscous road bitumen.

M. Khalylov, B. Kazakov.
Extraordinary behavior of ultra-deep wells at their survey for productivity (on the example of the gas condensate field Uzynada).

A. Ibragimov, D. Elyasov.
Miocene deposits hydrocarbon resources are the main source of oil and gas production prospects in South-Western Turkmenistan.

A. Garajaev, A. Hydyrova.
Mathematical models of economic problems and their optimal solution.

A. Ataeva, L. Kulmammedova.
Mycological researches of the cotton fields in the Lebap region.

N. Seytgeldiyev, Sh. Ilamanov, M. Guljayeva.
Creation of the wind-sun cadastre of Turkmenistan.

Ya. Myratberdiev.
Reclaiming oasis sands.

Sh. Akmammedova, I. Ahmedov.
Modeling of logistics processes in the railway network.

. Atabayev, Ch. Kuliyev.
Hydrochemistry and the possibility of using coastal collector-drainage waters in the middle course of the Amu Darya river.

K. Mammedkulov, M. Nursahatov.
Sunflower rust.

J. Gurbanov.
Legal support of the digital economy.

E. Orazova.
Improving social—living conditions of the rural population — the significant direction of Sustainable Development.

A. Nuriyeva.
The right to citizenship in Turkmenistan and its compliance with international norms.

M. Altyev.
Economic and social-political situation in Turkmenistan in 1920—30s.

J. Allaberdiyeva.
From history of mutual relations traditions yashmak the Turkmen and Armenian people.

N. Gurbanov.
Grammatical categories of the objects in English.

J. Saparova, A. Charyyeva.
Linguoculturological field of the concept «soul» and its comparative analysis in linguculturology.

A. Sabirova.
Artistic function of proverbs in verses by Mahmud Zamahshary.

A. Saparov.
Characteristic of physical training of combat athletes.

M. Geldinazarov.
Determination of the immunogenic properties of the lyophilized vaccine strain Yersinia pestis EV.

B. Rejepov, A. Atagarayev, A. Sahedov.
The role of endoscopic methods in diagnostics and treatment of newborns with congenital defects in excretory tracts.

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