Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #5, 2020

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #5, 2020 (.pdf)


A. Nuryyev.
Historical roots of Turkmen neutrality.

G. Jorayev.
Neutrality of Turkmenistan — important experience in ensuring peace and sustainable development.

H. Geldymuradov.
Global economic crisis and the overcoming experience of Turkmenistan.

A. Malikgulyyeva.
The role of standards in development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan.

G. Saryyeva.
Seismic safety — an integral part of the country’s national security.

D. Gadamov.
Obtaining and studying the properties of surfactants with a dual nature.

K. Kertiyev.
World economy: criteria for the allocation of subsystems and the main indicators of development.

J. Alimov, G. Almazova.
The one method of finding of homogeneous Markov process homogeneous terminating by the first component transitional probability.

. Babayev, R. Esedulayev, . Ashirov.
Improvement of technological modes of the amine absorber for treatment of natural gas.

S. Nazarov, M. Rahymov, G. Hekimov.
On the optimal simulation of the thermal conductivity of a viscous incompressible fluid.

M. Gurbanyazov, A. Novruzhanov.
Researches on saltination of salted waters of the main collector of the Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr» for production.

Sh. Abdrahmanov, T. Ilamanov, O. Bayramdurdyeva.
Features of geological research on biostratigraphy of Upper Jursian sediments of south-eastern Turkmenistan.

M. Annaberdiyeva, D. Melebayev.
Electrical and photoelectrical characteristics of nanostructured Au-n-GaP, Au-p-GaP Shottky photodiodes.

A. Dovletkylychev.
Features of mass species of horseflies belonging to the genus Taba 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 nus and measures to combat them.

Y. Nuryev.

Importance of graphology science in the rapid and complete disclosure of crimes.

J. Orazgylyjow.
Importance for Turkmen science scientific heritage of Jean-Sylvain Bailly.

T. Hojageldiyeva.
Abulgazy Bahadyr Khan and the science of quackery.

S. Mamednurov.
The start of studying the Turkmen language in Europe.

G. Atadurdyeva.
From the history of improving teaching methods of the Russian language.

G. Gurbandurdyyev.
Music and principles of peace.

M. Elyasov, H. Jumayev.
Development of surgical methods in the treatment of coronary heart disease

M. Muradova, N. Tokgayev, B. Gurbangulyev.
Vegetative ensuring activity of warm and vascular system and physical efficiency of young football players.

M. Ergeshov, N. Amannepesov, B. Allaberdiyeva.
Risk factors in patients with coronary heart disease.

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