Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #4, 2020

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #4, 2020 (.pdf)


A. Gylyjov.
Historical personalities in the book of our Respected President «Turkmenistan — Heart of the Great Silk Road».

N. Shihlyev.
The signifcance of constant neutrality policy in implementing the water diplomacy of Turkmenistan.

O. Seyidova.
Features of constant Turkmen Neutrality.

S. Gochumova.
Specificity of constant neutral legal status.

M. Shukurov.
Methods of increasing innovation potential of industrial enterprise.

T. Kuliev, B. Bekmurzaev.
Time constant of the coil of inductance in chains direct and alternating current.

B. Jumayev.
Fundamentals of quantum cryptography and new methods for encryption information.

S. Atdayev.
Parameter solution dependence of ad hoc multivariate integro-functional equations of Volterra-Fredholm.

M. Hudayberdiyev, H. Muhammedov, M. Annaorazova.
Technology for the rational use of water by combining alternative energy sources.

A. Karyagdyyev.
Significance of power sector in the development of «green economy».

V. Orazov.
Analogue lines application in field conditions.

M. Hezretov.
Comparative analysis of foreign criminal legislation: criminal liability for fraud.

G. Mametniyazova.
Significance of digital educational resources in teaching ecological education at the English lessons.

E. Bashimova.
Features of translation of sentences with link verbs of becoming from English into Turkmen.

A. Garayev.
The refection of cosmogony concepts in literary heritage.

B. Bayryev, H. Nunnayev.
Theoretical Substantiation of Improvement of Physical Education in Senior Schoolchildren.

M. Mammedova, B. Tashliyeva.
Innovative Methods of English Language Teaching.

G. Myradowa.
Refection of the Turkmen lexicon concerning poultry farming in the scientific literature and its scientific importance.

B. Hojakuliyeva.
From the history of scientific organizations of Turkmenistan (late XIX — early XX century).

O. Babakov, O. Saparmamedova.
Anthropological and characteristics of the cranium of pupils in Turkmenistan.

B. Batyrov, A. Durdyyeva, G. Amanova.
Characteristics of sexual indicators in men with premature ejaculation.

B. Hodjakuliev, J. Ahmedova.
Features of the course of heart failure in patients with chronic myocarditis.

P. Shagulyyev.
The use of a 5% aqueous solution of melon tree (Carica papaya) in the treatment of periodontitis.

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