Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #3, 2020

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #3, 2020 (.pdf)


M. Hommadova.
Scientific basis of Turkmen horse breeding in the book by the Esteemed President.

B. Tanryberdiyev.
The importance of developing digital skills in professionals.

M. Kelova, L. Berkeliyeva, B. Atamanov.
Definition of optimum parameters of process of coagulation of drainage waters of Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr».

N. Aynazarov.
Rationalization of imports as a factor of creation of innovative economy in Turkmenistan.

G. Vasova.
State-private partnership — innovative focus on economic progress.

Ch. Seyitnepesov, G. Allamuradov, K. Annagulyyev.
Electromagnetic compatibility analysis of terrestrial satellite and mobile systems.

K. Saryev, M. Orazberdiyeva, J. Batmanov.
Energy self-saving solar greenhouse.

G. Orazov, A. Hojaliyev.
Optimization of high-voltage electrical networks in weather conditions.

A. Deryaev.
Issues for the prevention and liquidation of drilling mud losses.

A. Ishanova.
Studying of influence of various factors on corrosion of gas pipelines.

H. Geldiyev, R. Nepesov.
Pressure calculation technique at a present well depth.

R. Nurberdiev, A. Aidogdyev, A. Seitjanov.
Method for improving cement productivity.

A. Geldikhanov, A. Yollybayev.
Preliminary results of the analysis of fora of Koytendag.

A. Abdullayev.
Effect of various norms on the growth and yield of grapes.

T. Annakuliev, A. Atayev.
Some issues of the rational use of irrigating water in agriculture of Turkmenistan.

Ya. Nuryyev. The importance of the science of graphology in determining human connection with crime.

T. Hmelevskaya, Z. Muhammedova, Ye. Zavodchikova.
Effect of the infusion of chamomile flower (Flores Chamomillae) to the adaptive reactions of white mice.

Ya. Garajayev.
Features of diagnosis and treatment of combined craniocrain injuries.

J. Ovezova. Prevalence of cytomegalovirus infection in the structure of urogenital infections in women with fetal loss syndrome.

H. Matiyev.
Model of developing spiritual and moral culture of students.

M. Atdayeva.
Philosophical content of kasyda «Jan gelur» by Nesimi.

M. Kuliyeva.
Grammatical means of conveying national coloration of Turkmen folk tales in translation.

A. Begchiev.
Polysemy in sports lexicon of Turkmen language.

A. Gurbanov, L. Gurbanova, F. Nurgeldiyeva.
Some issues of creating artificial speech activities in English classes.

M. Halykberdiyeva.
Beauty of nature — in art.

A. Nuwwayev.
The integration of sports and art.

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