Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #2, 2020

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #2, 2020 (.pdf)


S. G. Durdyyev.
The modern methodology of mastering the digital technology of the young scientists.

E. Aydogdyev.
The role of strategic cooperation with the UN in the implementation of humanitarian foreign policy principles of Turkmenistan.

D. Hemrayev.
World experience of the taxation of electronic trade.

S. Nokerov, A. Muhammedow.
Theoretical and experimental research characteristics of the radio signals propagation of 3G cellular network in the western part of the city of Ashgabat.

Ya. Charyev, S. Saryyev.
Model program for calculating the temperature and power loss of power lines.

E. M. Annagulyyeva, A. Khojayev.
Results of comparing spectra values reaction of earthquakes (on the example of seismic stations «ASG» and «WAN»).

J. Alimov, T. Annayev.
Random walk at Markov’s chain with two states.

G. Shukurov, G. Geldimyradov, S. Chopanova.
Innovation methods of management to quality textile products.

A. Saparmuradov, O. Esedulayeva.
The task of optimal control of liquid pressure on a chock when using the method of gaslift.

A. Bazarov, D. Porrykov, B. Yuldashov.
Opportunities for development of the agro-industrial complex in the Obruchev steppe.

Ch. A. Kulyyev, O. Ashyrova, S. Atayeva, M. Annagylyjova.
The composition of coastal waters and soil of the new artificial island in Caspian Sea.

G. Bazarova, M. Bashimova, E. Kuroshina.
Growing peculiarities of the species of Cercis.

A. K. Gapurov.
Influence of long storage of apple-tree fruits on their biochemical structure.

A. Annaev.
Value of regional anesthesia in treatment of new born babies necrotizing enterocolitis.

B. Annayev, O. Orazgylyjov, M. Elyasov, M. Owezgylyjova.
Features of dietherapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

B. Rejepov.
Specifics of surgical treatment of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis.

G. Gelenova.
Role of scientific competitions held among the youth of Turkmenistan in the formation of a new generation of scientists.

A. Behranov.
Shahrislam (Tyak-Yazyr) in medieval chronicles.

S. Mamednurov.
From the history of studying the Shasenem and Garip destan.

G. Gummanova.
History of lullaby genre of folk literature.

G. A. Gylychmuradova.
The role of discussion in foreign language classes.

G. Soltanova.
Ancient and modern traditions of celebrating weddings in western Turkmenistan.

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