Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #1, 2020

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Science of Turkmenistan

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N. Annamuhammedova.
Art narration of the tradition of good news in the novels of «Älem içre at gezer» and «Döwlet guşy».

A. Nurgeldiyeva, P. Halmyradov.
Specific features in making carpet comb.

G. Mashadova.
Caves — the ancient dwelling of fishermen.

Ya. Rejepov.
Expedition II of V. A. Uspenskiy: musical art of Balkan.

A. Pigamov.
Peculiarities of the grammatical type of the synonymic theory.

G. Gundogdiyeva.
Semantic features of phraseological units with 1 and 2 component numerals in the Turkmen and Persian languages.

G. Durdymyradov.
Principles of organizing creative speech in English.

A. Aydogdiyev.
The peculiarities of performing the choral works of the composer V. Akhmedov.

G. Kulova.
Interconnection of different arts in Turkmen television.

A. Saparov.
Somatotypological features of judokas.

K. Hummeyev, Ch. Ussayev.
Occupational safety at the enterprise.

Y. Nuryev.
Significance of graphology and handwriting in court proceedings.

G. Kutlyev, G. Garryev, G. Geldiev.
Automation of the correlation analysis of economic data.

M. Hudayberdiyev, K. Muhammetmyradov, K. Arazmedov.
Technology of waterproofing coating preparation.

P. Orazov, K. Hojamyradov.
Motion of small solid particles in gas flow in a vertical diffusion cell.

A. Rahmanov, S. Hojageldiev.
Practical control of possibility of the use of local materials wet thermal layered substitutes.

A. Ahmedov.
Mass spectrometric analysis of acids obtained by oxidation of naphthene hydrocarbon concentrates.

I. Luryeva, S. Esedulayev.
Analysis of factors influencing the coefficient of gas recovery by the pair correlation method.

H. Geldiyev, R. Nepesov.
Modeling stages of a gas lift well.

P. Hydyrov.
Mites of acaroid their reproduction and harmful effect to cotton.

O. Allanazarova, T. Saryeva, L. Nazarova.
Clinical and morphological features of infectious and toxic shock in young children.

G. Ataeva, G. Charyeva, O. Charyeva.
Ecological cleanliness and elemental composition of millet, produced in Turkmenistan.

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