Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #6, 2019

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library


A. Gylyjov.
Historical personalities in our Respected President’s book «Mertler Watany beýgeldýär».

B. A. Hojakuliyeva.
From the history of scientific research in Turkmenistan in the late 19th — the early 20th centuries.

G. Myradova.
Names of the birds in metaphorical sense.

M. Jumayeva.
Scientific-methodological basis of improving the speech culture.

E. Charyyeva.
Ancient verbs in the language of Lutfy’s works.

N. Gurbanov. Some issues of using digital technologies in criminal proceedings.

Sh. M. Orazmammedova.
Model of forming ecological competence in students.

A. Saparmuhammedov.
Types and methods of screening stage works.

N. Berdimyradova.
Caravanserais are the first cultural destinations.

N. S. Byashimova.
Coroplastics of antique monuments of Lebap region.

M. K. Bekjayeva, Sh. G. Kakalyyev.
Chemical analysis of spindles from Paryzdepe.

S. Nazarov, A. Jumayev.
Possibilities for use of solar energy in different regions of Turkmenistan.

D. G. Gadamov, K. Maviyev, L. B. Atamalova, B. Garayev.
Study of the physical and mechanical properties of sulfur polymer concrete.

M. A. Keymirov.
Electro-dialysis desalination of collector-drainage waters using different membranes.

H. Geldiyev.
Influence of various factors on the well flow rate in the presence of deformation in a porous medium.

L. A. Agayeva, A. Khojayev.
Regional seismotectonic conditions in the cities of Kerki and Kerkichi.

M. M. Meredov, A. P. Saparov, D. V. Egenmyradova.
GaSb/GaAlAsSb heterostructures based photodiodes for the near infrared spectral range.

B. Pirjanov.
On one paired integral—differential equation.

G. Danatarova, . Shukurov, B. Orazova, J. Orazberdiyeva, S. Guychmyradova.
New approaches to the diagnosis of intestinal diseases.

B. Khojakulyev, M. Elyasov.
Dependence of arrhythmia on diabetes mellitus in patients with coronary heart disease.

. Annayeva, . Patyshagulyyev.
Causes of rhinoconjunctivitis and its phytotherapy.

G. A. Mamedova, M. R. Tachmyradova, O. A. Karajayeva, F. Sh. Karimova, E. S. Abramova.
Condition of the cardiovascular system in cases of thyroid disorders.

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