Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #5, 2019

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #5, 2019 (.pdf)


M. Halmyradov.
Digital technology in the judicial system.

K. A. Hummeyev.
Labor organization of civil servants.

D. Myradova.
Importance of fictions in patriotic education of schoolchildren at the Turkmen history lessons.

H. Matiyev.
Scientific studies of personality’s spiritual and moral culture.

G. Gundogdiyeva.
Analysis of Turkmen and Persian phraseological units defining human character traits.

O. U. Muhammetguliyeva.
Semantic peculiarities of verbs expressing the manner of motion in the Turkmen and English languages.

M. Amanov.
Pedagogical basics of motivating students in learning foreign languages.

Z. S. Gabibova.
Features of the Concert for Violoncello and Orchestra by R. Allayarov.

A. Atayeva.
From the history of metal ware.

M. R. Hommadova.
Akhalteke horse breeding in the 19th century and its infuence on horsemanship.

Y. E. Kakayev, A. G. Geldimyradov.
Assessment of gas reserves in the underground storage

R. Esedulayev, H. Geldiyev.
Differential filtration equation in an unstable real gas mode in a deformable porous medium.

M. Hudayberdiyev, H. Muhammedov, M. Annaorazova.
Technology of using alternative sources of energy.

I. Ahmedov, O. Mamiyeva, O. Chovdyrova.
Evaluation of possibilities of introducing modern information technologies into logistics system of the region.

Ya. Chariyev, K. Hojanepesov.
Effect of climatic and atmospheric conditions on the parameters of a solar photovoltaic station.

K. Maviyev, D. G. Gadamov, L. B. Atamalova, B. Garayev.
Problems of recycling and sulfur and sulfur-containing waste.

S. Atdayev.
Multidimensional ad hoc integral-functional equations of Volterra-Fredholm in the spaces of summable functions.

A. Khojayev.
National scale of seismic intensity for earthquakes of Turkmenistan (instrumental part).

E. O. Kokanova.
Peculiarities of grasshoppers’ distribution on altitude zones of Kopetdag.

M. Shukurova.
Obtaining pectin from winery waste.

T. Garayev.
Clinical-anatomical characteristics of laryngotracheal cicatricial stenosis.

S. Nuriyev, M. Ashyrova, S. Halliyeva.
Innovative electrophoresis and mud therapy.

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