Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #4, 2019

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #4, 2019 (.pdf)


T. Hapyzova.
Art traditions and philosophical meaning of the rubagy by Myahesti.

S. Mammetnurov.
From the history of translating «Gorgut ata» epos into the Russian language.

A. Orazmammedov.
Role of ideology in improving the political consciousness of a society.

A. Kurbanov, L. N. Kurbanova.
Innovative methods of teaching English in kindergartens.

G. A. Gylychmyradova.
Methodology for the development of thinking in English classes.

M. Atayeva.
Temporal adverbs in Turkmen and their equivalent expression in Russian.

E. Bashimova.
Features of translation of sentences with state verbs from English into Turkmen.

J. A. Akmammedova.
Methodology for assessing the regional programm implementation efficiency.

R. Ergesheva. Ersary Yoly in the Art of Turkmen Bakhshi.

N. S. Bashimova, M. Jumanazarov, N. Hoshvagtov.
Amul on the Great Silk Road in the ancient sources.

A. G. Hudayguliyev, M. K. Akmyradova.
Taxation in the state of Ayyubi Turkmens.

O. Saparmammedova.
Craniological finds from Paryzdepe.

A. Nuriyev.
Orientalist A. L. Kun and Archives of Khiva Khans.

P. Garayev.
Publications about the formation of modern cities in Turkmenistan.

M. A. Keymirov, A. T. Íàngeldiyev.
Possibilities of using local raw materials for the production of coagulant.

A. A. Bazarov, P. T. Shovkedov, S. N. Aleksanyan.
Combined beneficiation of quartz sands of Turkmenistan.

I. I. Lureva, S. Esedulayev.
Impact of different factors on the coefficient of ultimate gas recovery of deposits.

T. Shekeraliyev, A. Ashyrov.
Theory of stabilizing the movement of asymmetric agricultural aggregates in the field.

A. Akmuradov, O. B. Balliyeva.
Morphological and anatomical features of subsoil parts of some ephemeroids in Badhyz.

A. A. Seyitmedova, K. I. Ilmyradov, M. E. Aziyeva.
Psycho — emotional state of athletes and methods for its diagnostics.

M. Chariyev, R. Hojiyev, B. Chariyev.
Use of mineral water of «Yyly suv» in the treatment of urolithiasis.

Yu. H. Ishanguliyev.
State of cytokine secretion before and after treatment of purulent wounds Extracti Pegani Harmalae fuidum in patients with type II diabetes.

Sh. H. Berdiyeva, A. A. Orazgeldiyeva.
Clinical importance of determining the endocrine function indicators of the fetoplacental complex during antihypertensive therapy in pregnant women.

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