Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #3, 2019

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #3, 2019 (.pdf)


M. Tuvakov.
Ecological policy of Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov — strong foundation of stable development.

J. Hommadova.
Beauty lexicon of the Turkmen language associated with hair.

G. Ilyasova.
In search of the gem of invaluable well.

E. Charyyeva.
Nouns formation in the works by Lutf.

A. Shagulyev.
«Oguznama» by Salyr Baba Hyrydary.

O. Geldiyeva.
Method of developing the learners’ language abilities in teaching a foreign language.

M. Gapurov.
Structural peculiarities of the Kushtdepdi composition.

S. Atdayev.
Folk fshing traditions.

D. Babalyyeva.
Word combinations in the economic system’s terminology.

G. Gelenova.
Cooperation between the Caspian countries — condition for political, economic and ecological stability in the region.

M. G. Shukurov.
Methods of evaluating sustainable development of the textile industry.

M. Hezretov.
Objective side of misappropriation and embezzlement.

Z. Babanazarova.
Procedure for the state-owned property leasing registration.

M. Babayeva.
National cosmetology development history.

Ch. K. Amanov.
Mathematical method for determining the effectiveness of an investment project.

H. Geldiyev, R. Esedulayev.
Influence of heterogeneity of the productive horizon on the gas well flow rate.

. . Keymirov, . . Hangeldiyev.
Processing of waste water from soda ash production by ammonia methods.

A. Ch. Geldiyev, A. B. Ezizova, S. O. Annamammedova.
Towards understanding of geological structure of oil and gas structures in the southern Central Garagum Arch.

O. S. Aynazarova.
Possibilities of using a solar drying system at the Automobile Operating Enterprise.

D. M. Bazarov.
Developing a program to forecast profit of a company, based on a neural network technology.

G. A. Geldiyeva.
Importance of verification of morphological forms of echinococcosis in children.

J. Annanurov.
Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of B hepatitis vaccination.

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