Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #2, 2019

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #2, 2019 (.pdf)


A. Gylyjov.
Historical personalities in the book by our Esteemed President «Mert ýigitler gaýrat üçin dogulýar».

G. Gurbangeldiyev.
Geographical names in the books «Turkmenistan — the Heart of the Great Silk Road» by the Esteemed President.

B. Akatov.
Public basis of the literature of the Seljuk epoch.

L. Soyeva.
Formation of words related to the floricultural vocabulary in the Turkmen Language.

M. A. Nurlyyeva.
Use of Distant Technologies in Teaching Oral Interpreting.

S. Mamednurov.
Repertoire of the Turkmen narrators in the scientific investigations of Arminiy Vamberi.

S. B. Vekilov, L. A. Ashyrova.
Role of taxes in achieving social goals of the state.

G. Sakhedov, I. Meretnyyazov.
Organization of sport trainings at the stage of advanced trainings.

R. Esedulayev, B. M. Mamedov.
Increase in efficiency of operation of low pressure gas felds.

Sh. Ch. Charyyeva.
Stratigraphic confnedness of discovered oil-and-gas content at Bovrideshik stage (Central Turkmenistan).

M. Sh. Tashliyev, A. B. Atamyradov, T. S. Glushkova.
Paleogeographic conditions of accumulation of Jurassic oil and gas bearing deposits of Turkmenistan.

A. Garajayev, G. Kutliyev.
Optimum control problems in the equations with private derivatives.

H. Geldiyev, P. Atayev.
Use of probe microscope to study the ultrasound influence on leveling surface relief.

Ch. Seyitnepesov, A. Hydyrov.
Study of the radiosignal propagation characteristics of cellular 3G and radiotelephone CDMA-450 communication systems in Mary city.

O. Chovdyrov.
Application of the dynamical programming at system designing.

R. A. Akmuradov.
Optimization of the lidar with excimer and semiconductor lasers for probing methane molecules in the atmosphere.

G. Rejepov, H. Gulamov.
Modern way of whitening cotton in high-frequency current based on water-saving technologies.

Y. R. Oveznepesov.
Urgency of studying medieval engineering.

T. Annagulyyev, H. Hanchayev, G. Gelenova.
History of the inception of a design of the Turkmen Lake and the scientific surveying of an area.

P. Hydyrov, G. Gurdova.
Ecological groups of insects in wheat fields.

S. Toyliyev, B. Kakabayev, S. Pleskanovskaya.
Experimental modeling of the autoimmune endocarditis.

Y. H. Ishangulyyev.
Features of xenobiotics and endobiotics effect on the cytokines secretion in the treatment of purulent wounds.

A. M. Orazaliyeva, M. K. Annaberdyyeva, H. J. Jumayev, N. S. Orakayeva, O. G. Armedova.
Features of the oral microbiocenosis in children with the chronic catarrhal gingivitis.

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