Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #1, 2019

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #1, 2019 (.pdf)


T. Muradova.
Studying the medieval literature.

N. Annamuhammedova.
Art narration of the principles of humanism and national traditions.

A. Rozyeva.
Homonymous infexions in the turkmen language.

S. Mashayeva.
Expressive means of cinematography.

P. Halmyradov.
Forging industry of Shahryslam.

. Begmyradova.
Hojaidat gala — Navidah passage on the trading route.

G. Halliyev.
Role of the fair judicial system in achieving the sustainable development goals, and the ways of improvement thereof.

A. G. Saryev.
SWOT-analyses of multi—disciplinary sports facilities.

Y. E. Kakayev.
Innovations in the gas industry of Turkmenistan.

. M. Babayev, . Ashirov.
Innovative technology for processing natural to marketable gas.

A. Ch. Saparova.
Economic significance of natural gas diversification in Turkmenistan.

A. Torayev, A. Atabayev.
About integral oscillation criteria of elliptical equations.

S. Atdayev.
Multidimensional integral Volterra-Fredholm equations in the spaces of integrable functions.

B. Atamanov, H. Hoshdurdyev, L. Berkeliyeva.
Innovative production technology of shoe cream from local raw materials.

A. Atayev, K. Hojanepesov.
Studying axial permeability of heat pipes.

M. A. Keýmirow, R. I. Kakabaýew.
Filters for producing standard drinking water.

A. Saparmuradov, Y. Nazarov.
Mathematical model of creating interferences in radiocommunications and calculating their characteristics.

A. Jumayev, B. Babayev.
Possibility of decrease in losses of energy in high-voltage line Mary DES-Atamyrat-Andhoy.

O. V. Arzyamova, N. G. Rakhimova, A. P. Chopanov.
Cotton irrigation mode in the medium-salinity soil conditions.

G. Bazarova, M. Byashimova.
Creation of continuously flowering areas.

E. A. Atayev.
Introduction of halophytes in the botanical garden.

Ch. Arazov, B. Sopyyev, M. Tayyev.
Biotechnology for the manufacture of anthrax precipitating serum.

N. Taganova.
Features of the strokes course in the vertebrobasilar system of the brain in the population of Turkmenistan.

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