Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #6, 2018

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library


T. Hommyyev.
Historical and ethnographic researches for Turkmen hunting.

A. Gurbandurdyeva.
Ancient sources of female jewellery (on the basis of archaeological data).

H. Matiyev.
The characteristic and structure of such concepts as culture and morals.

A. Jepbarova.
Historical terms and traditions in frontier guarding of Turkmenistan.

M. I. Gelenova.
Similarities and differences between the handicrafts of Turkmen and Chinese women.

G. Mametniyazova.
Use of digital educational resources at English lessons.

G. A. Ataeva. Development of the legal framework for arrangement of occupational safety.

G. Vasova.
Food abundance — the guarantee of social and economic development.

G. Akyniyazova, G. Kerimov.
Macroeconomic significance of bank credits for economic development of Turkmenistan.

B. Pirjanov.
One problem about single-channel system with freely distributed entering and serving requirements.

A. Danatarov.
Resource saving technology in agricultural manufacturing.

M. Hudayberdiev, H. Muhammedov, D. Rahyev.
Innovative technology for efficient use of land and water resources in agroindustrial complex.

K. A. Hojamuradov.
Location of leak from the water main due to the pressure drop and water consumption.

A. A. Bagshiyev, A. M. Atayev.
Development of a local cooling method for telecommunication equipment.

H. Geldiyev, B. Mametdurdyev, A. Geldimyradov, R. Nepesov.
Device for applying inhibitor film on the inner surface of well tubing.

Perspectives of discovering oil and gas fields of non-anticlinal type in the territory of Turkmenistan.

I. Luryeva, S. Esedulayev.
Predicting ultimate gas recovery factor fully bedded deposits.

A. Yollybayev, G. Matiyeva.
Influence of fertilizers on growth and development of oriental arborvitae saplings.

H. Muhammedov, B. Kakabayeva.
New medicine for treatment of agricultural animals against pneumonia.

Ch. M. Nazarov, S. A. Pleskanovskaya, A. B. Junelov, T. M. Hmelevskaya.
Features of eritropoesis in healthy children under five years of age.

A. A. Kokanov, S. A. Pleskanovskaya, N. A. Spiridonova, D. A. Kelehsayeva, B. G. Danatarov, I. F. Syomina, N. Yu. Suprunenko.
The effect of drugs mandragora to migration of blood leukocytes in healthy individuals «in vitro».

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