Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #5, 2018

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #5, 2018 (.pdf)


Z. Lalakova.
Great Silk Road: Turkmen musical art in historical sources.

G. Setdarova.
From the history of toponymy of Dehistan.

T. Atayeva.
Turkmen carpet and its production (The late XIX — early XX centuries).

S. Mammetnurov.
Ashyk Aydyn in world science.

M. P. Toraeva.
Works by the Esteemed President serve as valuable source in training skilled experts.

M. Y. Mammedova.
Characteristics of training in professionally-oriented communication.

O. Hudayberenova.
Word variations connected with wedding customs.

S. Altyev.
Features of motor games in sports training.

A. T. Orazov.
In the Bronze Age singularities of hearth building (on materials of monuments of Gonurdepe, Ajyguyy, Kelleli, Togalak).

G. M. Babayev.
Role of investments in promoting economic growth.

M. Annamyradova.
New type of revenue recognition standard.

B. Pirnyyazov, O. Mamiyeva, M. Atabayeva.
Determination of operational features of transit systems.

K. Hojanepesov.
Influence of internal and external factors on the parameters of solar cells.

N. B. Hojaberdiev.
Construction of a permanent static model in Shasenem underground fresh water deposits.

D. Tajiv.
Features of clearing natural gas of hydrogen sulfide.

U. H. Bebitov.
Technological solutions improving the efficiency of killing and development of gas wells with abnormally low formation pressure.

I. I. Petrechenko, A. B. Ezizova, A. Ch. Geldiyev.
Productivity of jurassic and cretaceous deposits in the south of Central Turkmenistan and new formation pressure/temperature-depth empirical relation

E. G. Amatova.
Biological features of bushes and their significance.

M. Sahatova, . Rahmanova.
Healing properties of herbs used by peoples of Central Asia and East.

G. O. Orazov.
Boil smut and control measures.

E. O. Kokanova.
Acridoid communities of vegetable and cucurbitaceous agrocenosis in Turkmenistan.

A. A. Dovletgylyjov.
Bioecology of the bloodline skeeters and measures to struggle with them.

O. S. Muhammetgulyyeva.
Features of functional state of heart in patients with a primary ventricular pre-excitation syndrome in combination with ventricular arrhythmia.

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