Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #4, 2018

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #4, 2018 (.pdf)


G. Berkeliyeva.
Legal framework of the Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

A. Berdyev, G. Gelenova.
Economic and cultural relationships between the cities along the Great Silk Road.

A. Nurgeldiyeva.
National textile products and a role of the Great Silk Road in their distribution.

A. Nazarov.
From the history of studying Zelili’s heritage.

M. Gapurov, A. Mammetguliyev.
Musical analysis of Sakhy Jepbarov’s song «Mekany daglar».

J. Allaberdiyeva.
Turkmen toponymics in medieval Armenia.

O. Meredov.
Legal guarantees of attorney’s participation in pretrial investigation.

Ch. Bayriyeva.
Compound nominal predicate in Turkmen and its equivalent in English.

G. Durdymyradov.
Techniques of organizing students’ creative speech.

O. Geldiyeva.
Methodological problems of developing the logical speaking skills at the English language lessons.

L. Kolbayeva.
Prevention and correction of posture deviations in schoolchildren of early age in the process of physical training.

M. K. Amanova.
Methods of analyzing the indicators of banking statistics.

A. Torayev, S. Gylyjov, A. Atabayev.
About oscillatory nature of the solution of nonlinear equations of the second order of the elliptical type.

M. Rahmedov. Algorithmic approach to solving applied construction problems.

A. Hojayev.
Instrumental part of the National Seismic Intensity Scale of Turkmenistan.

B. R. Jumayev.
About the possible mechanism of light emission of metals in visible area of the spectrum at heating.

H. Geldiyev, R. Nepesov.
Modeling the operation of gas-lift wells.

M. Ovezov, A. Ashyrov, R. Esedulaev.
Influence of hydrocarbons Ρ57 on the absorption of water vapor in the natural gas processing system.

A. R. Deryayev.
Drilling technology analysis for simultaneous-separate exploitation of multiple horizons by one well.

G. K. Pashdurdiyeva.
Defnition of fractional porosity and saturation of productive strata of Northern site of Goturdepe feld.

A. Yollybayev, M. Allamyradova.
Dendroid floras of Dashoguz city.

A. K. Cherkezov.
Vineyard pests in Turkmenistan and scientific approach to the pest control.

J. Rozyyeva.
Weeds found in winter wheat fields and their influence on wheat crop.

Ch. Nazarov, K. Karayev, H. Annanepesov, G. Geldiyeva.
Study of the ferritin content in the blood of healthy children of early age.

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