Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #3, 2018

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #3, 2018 (.pdf)


T. Annaguliyev, G. Gelenova, J. Saparmyradov.
New artifcial island: initial researches and results.

O. Ch. Akmammedova.
Great Silk Road and development of pedagogy.

M. Saparmyradova.
Features of the structure of tuyduk melodies (Varieties of prelude constructions).

M. B. Agamyradova.
Leather-as basic material for military music instruments.

A. Saparmyradov, O. Jumayeva.
Mathematical foundations of the structure and acoustics of the Turkmen dutar (Emergence, manufacture and structure of the dutar).

N. Berdimyradova.
Ancient historical dances and their importance in cultural leisure activities.

U. Bashimova.
Tourist lexis of the Turkmen language.

A. Babayeva.
National fabrics and clothes made from them.

B. Shamamedova.
Commonalities and features of buildings of historical-archaeological monuments of Pessejikdepe and Chatalguyuk.

B. G. Hojamguliyev.
Legal investigation of crimes related to the abuse of state service.

M. Kasymov. Issues of improvement of training jockeys.

Sh. Amangeldiyev.
Development of mathematical abilities of pupils.

J. Mammedov, M. Annamyradov.
Introduction of innovative technologies into the railway sector.

D. O. Atayev.
Optimal model of connection of the Turkmen Lake to the Central Karakum through transport routes.

J. A. Ashyrmuhammedova, D. O. Atayev.
Solution of the transport problem based on the dynamic programming method in the Matlab.

A. Halliyev.
Statistical characteristics of calculating an algorithm in the conditions of using cotton machines and the degree of their impact on operational indicators.

A. A. Kuliyeva.
Multidimensional integral-functional Volterra-Fredholm type equations in a space of summable functions.

M. A. Amanova, V. V. Shepelevich, A. M. Atayev.
Application of covariant methods of the Academician F. I. Fedorov to the determination of the component of tensors of physical values in crystals different from zero.

R. Esedulayev, B. Mamedov, A. Mamedova.
Ways of using gas sulfur.

M. Gubiyeva. Studying the impact of sulfur on the road bitumen properties.

A. I. Akmyradov, Ch. G. Mammetgeldiyeva.
Evaluation of the main properties of surfactants.

K. Mamedov, O. Ashyrova, K. Kylychmyradov.
Criteria for evaluating the genetic stability of new genotypes, strains and varieties of cotton.

A.B. Chariyev, R.R. Gadiyev, G.G. Goshayev.
Productive qualities of Broiler chickens under different rearing technologies.

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