Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #2, 2018

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Magazine «Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #2, 2018 (.pdf)


T. Annagulyev, A. Atayev.
Land cadastre, fertility of soil and melioration.

Ya. M. nuryev, Sh. Agalyev.
Doctrine of Makhtumkuli about statehood, society and morals.

B. Divangulyyeva.
Epic «Gorogly» as an ethnographic source.

T. Myradova.
Refection of scientific views of Abdullah Mubarak.

M. Annanurov.
Moral teachings of Hoja Ahmet Yasavi.

G. S. Allaberdiyeva.
Significance of moral norms in cadets’ education.

B. Toylyyeva.
Comparative analysis of the word combinations with qualitative adjectives in English and Turkmen.

M. A. Nurlyyeva.
Theoretical translation concepts of German scientists.

M. O. Myradova.
The study of the national wawing’s development history.

H. K. Nunnaev.
Significance of using innovative technologies in physical sports activities at the secondary schools.

G. Durdymyradov, D. Kakajanov.
Role of audiobooks in enriching knowledge.

Sh. Annagylyjova, R. Amangeldiyev.
Specifics of a thematic invention in quintet-poem of R. Rejepov.

M. Hezretov.
Issues related to the fight against crimes committed by the use of computer technology.

G. A. Jorayev.
International legal fundamentals of energy security.

H. A. Geldiyev.
Simplex method without deficiency.

A. Garajaev, G. Kutliev.
Mathematical model of optimum control of objects and its decision by the gradient method.

H. Rahmanov, M. Atabayeva.
Modern conditions in implementation of advanced technologies in issues of airway transport.

H. M. Saparliyev.
Territorial methods of seismic protection.

T. Yazbayev.
Ensuring stable ecological purity of sowing areas.

P. A. Kepbanov, A. V. Pavlenko, O. P. Durdyeva.
Pastures in a zone of the Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr» and issues arising at their use.

N. K. Amannepesov.
Assessment of clinical-functional results of stenting coronary arteries in ischemic heart disease

A. A. Seyitmedova, G. A. Toshshiyeva, R. H. Atajanov, A. A. Geldiyev.
Uterine fibroids as a co-factor in the development of cervical cancer: screening research results.

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