Science and technology in Turkmenistan, #1, 2018

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Magazine « Science and technology in Turkmenistan», #1, 2018 (.pdf)


A. Gylyjov.
Role of artistic means in creation of the images of leaders in the Turkmen literature.

G. Myradova.
Equivalents of the names of the birds in the Turkic languages.

M.T. Sahatgeldiyeva.
Phraseological units in «Mahbub-ul-kulub» by Barkhurdar Turkmen.

M.P. Toraeva.
Pedagogical issues of improving students’ speaking skills in English language.

A. Mammetdurdiev.
The specifcs of teaching English at higher technical institutes.

Sh.M. Orazmammedova.
Basis for the formation of ecological competence of students.

. Annamuhammedova.
Role of the racer in public life of the Turkmens in Middle Ages.

T. Hommyev.
Traditional experience on training of greyhound.

B. A. Khojakuliyeva.
Expansion of international cooperation during a new historical epoch in the feld of science.

G. A. Muhammedova.
Historical roots and contemporary state of the conducting art.

Ye.P. Osipova, M.H. Meredova.
The features piano style of D.Nuryyev.

A. Saparova, A. Aydogdyyev, G. Shukurova.
The role of the free economic zone in the development of the economy of Turkmenistan.

P.O. Orazov.
Improving effciency analysis of indicators in capital investment projects.

J. Alimov.
Application of Markov functionalities in a single task’s study.

O. Mamiyeva.
Possibilities of implementation of geoinformation technologies in port systems.

A. Saparmyradov, B.A. Jumayev.
Interactive imitational model of a qubit’s motion in the Bloch’s sphere.

M.G. Kelova, A. A. Ishangulyev, B.Ya. Atamanov.
Chemical composition of drainage waters of a water basin «Akyayla» of Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr».

M. Ovezov.
Actual problems of separation natural gas from hydrocarbons 5-7.

Ya.E. Kakayev.
Research into impact of reservoir heterogeneity on gas fields watering peculiarities.

A. Mommadov.
Features of changes of hydrogeological conditions in the Murgab oasis.

T. Garlyyev.
The importance of a modern cattle-breeding complex in the productivity of animals and their natural resistance to diseases.

S. Toyliyev.
Peculiarities of the surgical treatment of the infectious endocarditis.

S. A. Pleskanovskaya, J.A. Sopyyev, T.M. Hmelevskaya, H.K. Nunnayev.
On the functional activity of sportsmen’ T-immune system.

E. Hudaygulyyeva, A. Allaberdiyev, T. Tanryberdiyeva.
Diagnostics and treatment of metabolic syndrome.

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