Science and technics in Turkmenistan 04/2009

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  • Haitov M.O., Yaylymov S.A. The Constitutional bases of local executive authority in Turkmenistan
  • Gurbangeldiyev D. Criminal legal step of fight against drug addiction: experience of foreign legislation
  • Kutlymyradova N.T. Trade and transport of the Turkmen people of the eastern shore of the Caspian sea in XVIII—XIX centuries
  • Saparlyyeva A. Cost price of oil products: accounting methods of production costs
  • Akmammedov O. On the phenomenon of synonymy and antonymy in terminology
  • Jumalyyeva O. Artistic image in life
  • Amanova M.B. Some methodological approaches of breeding wild Galliformes in Turkmenistan
  • Saparmuradova O.G., Annadurdyyev O.A., Akmuradov M.H., Mammedova G.I., Huseynova Z.I. Blood oxygenation, acid-base balance and buffer systems, depending on the severity of the current chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Annanepesov S.M., Hojagulyyev M.I., Achyldurdyyev A.A., Charyyev Sh.B. Analysis of results of surgical treatment of the mixed forms of hydrocephalus
  • Annamuhammedov T., Ashyrov H. Therapeutic effectiveness of diminazen and azidin in babeziozis and piroplazmozis of sheep
  • Rustemov B.H., Hemrayev Ch. Methods of defining the degree of problem of tasks on physics to solution
  • Meredov A., Aymammedov R. Device for measuring electric quantity of electricity-conductive paths
  • Torayev A., Esedullayev R., Torayev A.A. Pressure definition on the border gas-water for deposits with with limiting gradient
  • Esedullayev R., Annamuhammedov B., Akgayev A. Calculation of coefficient of deformation of initial contour of gas-water contour in the method of «Extended» well

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