Science and technics in Turkmenistan 03/2009

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  • Bekiyev D.G. Some issues of perfecting of the credit relations in Turkmenistan
  • Chommadov O. The study of the history of the Turkmen language of pre-writing period
  • Tugyyev Ch. Contribution of P.Skosyrev and other Russian literary critics in studying the Turkmen literature
  • Kolbayeva L. Selection and direction into the artistic gymnastics
  • Gurbanova J. Chamber-instrumental works of Nury Halmamedov
  • Rustamov I.G., Imamkuliyev B.R., Kepbanov P.A. Current state of mountain districts coniferous and deciduous forests of Turkmenistan and necessary conservation activities
  • Byashimov G.O., Atayeva G.S., Durdymyradov A.A., Bayramov A.J. Effect of submucous vagotomy on the stomach secretory function
  • Grafova V., Karayev K. The study of the state of health of the railway workers by defining their biological age
  • Evzhanov H., Akyyeva Sh., Berkeliyeva L. The treatment of waste waters of phosphoric fertilizers production from fluoride and phosphate ions
  • Ashirov S. About one method of three-point problem decision
  • Meredov M., Muhyyev B. On one boundary-value task for the acoustics equation

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