Science and technics in Turkmenistan 04/2008

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

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  1. Chommadov O. Reports that come out from the history
  2. Hojayev H. Types of isolated members of the sentence In modern Turkmen language
  3. Basarov B. The Problem of forming the meaning-creating activities of the subject of teaching
  4. Babayev D. The importance of intertype hybridization in creation of new sorts of cotton
  5. Novruzova B.K. The comparative analysis of micromisetes of a zone of roots of cotton, wheat and lucerne
  6. Nazarmamedov O. The role of aquatic weed in cleaning drainage waters from biogenic substances and heavy metals
  7. Annamuhammedov B.V., Durdyyev N.T., Esedullayev R.E. Numerical solution of the task of natural gas’ displacement by stratal water according to “consolidated well” model
  8. Amandurdyyev D., Bushmakin A., Akmamedov Kh., Sarkisova V. On the comparing morfological and struktural, chemical, mineralogical dates of the crust fuse world and turkmen a stone meteorites
  9. Balgulyyev Ch. Mineral and raw materials base of cement industry within Mary Region of Turkmenistan
  10. Nurgeldiyev O., Churiyev M. The Logical Construction of Disk and the Concealing of Information
  11. Annaberdiyev E., Babayev G. Construcion of the projection of bisector angle at reforming
  12. Orazov G. Absorption of laser accumulations in Sr0,6Ba0,4Nb2O6 crystals
  13. Charyyev A., Shemsetdinov G., Geldiyeva Z. P-median
  14. Interesting materials reuived through Internet

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