Science and technics in Turkmenistan 02/2008

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library



  1. Halov N., Orazmamedov Ya. Improvement of record works in stock-breeding branch
  2. Bashimov G.O., Kurbanova O.G., Berdikhanova A.B. Vagotomy effect on microcinculatory of gastric wall
  3. Atahanov K., Meredov M., Myradova N., Ivanova N. Steadiness of new sorts of cotton against diseases
  4. Ovezova G. The aphids pests of vegetable crops have been studied in the regions of Akhal, Lebap and Mary
  5. Balakayev B.K. Water loss at Golden Age turkmen lake main collectors
  6. Arnageldiyev A., Ovezov M., Arnageldiyev A. Protection of highways against sanding up in Kara-Kum desert
  7. Rustamov I.G., Imamkuliyev B.R., Kepbanov P.A. Biodiversity of wild fruit arboreal-shrubby species populations in the South-Western Kopetdag and their protection
  8. Nuriyev Ya.M., Divanova T.G., Muhammetguliyeva M.H. Language of law and juridical terminology in period of great revival
  9. Ovezov Ya. Some ways of differentiation of the polysemantic grammatic forms
  10. Atayev K. Reflection of the legend about Yusuf in the poems of Magytmguly
  11. Meredov M. The formula reducion of the multiple sum to one sum and its appendices
  12. Ashirov S. About one solution of integral equation with a late argument

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