Science and technics in Turkmenistan 01/2008

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

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  1. Mamedkuliyev Ch. Investments to system of the public health and their influence on economic development
  2. Annayev A., Bayramova O. Personal management in conditions of innovation
  3. Ballyyeva O. Role of the arbitration agreement in examination of disputes in the international commercial arbitration
  4. Gayybov B.N., Yovshanov A.K. Seismik resistance in current city construction works
  5. Nazarov Kh., Ochilov S., Safiullah S., Tokgayev B. Results of water electric conductivity dependence on salinity and temperature
  6. Garlyyev Ya. Cerebral hemodynamiks in women with margimal arterial hypertension
  7. Kuliyeva A.M., Atagarayev M.A., Dangatarova B.R. Possibilities of using Peganum harmala L in combating Bemisia tabai
  8. Shammakov S., Ataev K., Geokbatyrova O. Amphibious and kowtowing in especially protected natural territories of Turkmenistan
  9. Mammedov K. The role of genetics in cotton selection
  10. Berdiyev A.Ya., Dovletova A.Kh., Mammedowa G. To the stratigraphy of the upper Jurassic and lower cretaceous sediments of south-western of Turkmenistan
  11. Amanowa O. Set expressions in poems of classical poets of XIX-century Mollanepes, Kemine, Seidi, Zelili
  12. Gajarov N. Oguz-Turkmen roots of Kara-koyunly and Ak-koyunly states
  13. Ashyrova S. National peculiarities of Gorkut-ata image
  14. Nurmuhammedov A. On short E, A Vovels of the Turkmen language

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