Science and technics in Turkmenistan 04/2007

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

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  1. Nuryyev Ya., Divanova T.G. Training specialists in the field of jurisprudence and the science of law are on the way of further improvement
  2. Karryyeva A. Mahmyt Zamahshary interconnection of time and generations
  3. Agorazov Kh. A valuable written monument on the history of Seljuk Turkmens state
  4. Ovezov A. Pair-words spelling in the Turkmen language
  5. Akmamedov O. Turkmen language social-political terms formed in the years of Independence and ways of their formation
  6. Аtayev J. Problems of improvement of agricultural production organization
  7. Kulmamedova L. Kh. Working out methods of growing of rare edible Lentinus Edodes mushroom
  8. Garamuradov A., Rakhmanova D., Khasanov M., Orazlyyeva B., Charyyeva B., Orayeva A.B., Kurrayeva N., Danilyanss I. Heart rhythm disturbance of patients with implanted electrocardiostimulator
  9. Gaipova A. P. Elaboration of the prognosis of the quality of water of central Kopetdag water-currents
  10. Ilkhanov R., Atayeva E. The contribution of the Scientific Clinical Center of Physiology into the system of health service of Turkmenistan in the years of its Independence
  11. Myradov J., Myradov B., Myradov D. Drying and storage of agricultural products
  12. Gurbanmammedov N. Some linear-integral inequalities with two variable points
  13. Charyyev A., Karyagdyyev N., Saparov B. Mutual tetrahedron

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