Science and technics in Turkmenistan 03/2007

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library

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  1. Mammetjumayev A. Poets who kept literary relation with Magtymguly Pyragy
  2. Nuryyeva O. Semantic peculiarities of Nesimi’ poems
  3. Amanova O. Human and geographical names in Nyssa documents
  4. Karryyev J. Comprehensive school of a new type – a school with two places
  5. Odekov O.A. Ayny, siu and turkmens. The ethno-linguistic’s connections
  6. Nazarov Ch.M. New tendencies in mother and child health protection
  7. Mamedov B.K., Arnageldyyev A. Use of collector-drainage waters for increase of effeciency of desert pastures
  8. Iskenderov H., NobatovJ., Razzakov B., Baltayev S. The chemical structure of mineral waters of East Turkmenistan
  9. Kurambayev M. Some issues of world poplulation geography
  10. Ashyrov O. A., B.N. Durdyyeva Calculation of indicators of gas deposit’s elaboration in gas regime
  11. Okdirov A., Hajiyev M., Penjiyev A.M. Investigation of electromagnetic energy radiation influence upon cotton and seeds

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