Science and technics in Turkmenistan 02/2007

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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library

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  1. Berdimuhammedov G. Healthy nation is the basis for the Golden age of the turkmen people
  2. Durdyyeva A., Charyyeva G., Atayeva G., Kurbanov Kh. Molecular tension of organism and significance of its study for practical medicine
  3. Khalov N. On improvimg activity of Daikhan associations
  4. Esen A. Stages of development of water economy of Turkmenistan and its perspectives
  5. >Mammedov K. Influence of selection and seed-growing upon the cotton crop capacity
  6. Soyunov O., Taylakov N. Ways of optimization of pesticides and nitrate fertilizers application
  7. Tashliyev M.Sh., Ragimova D.S., Sibiryev Wl.S., Charyyeva A.O. Lithological features and thicknesses of the Jurassic deposits on the east of Bokurdak monocline and Kopetdag foredeep
  8. Bekmammedov Kh.G., Kadyrov Sh.U. On the problem of improving of work conditions at delayed coking plant
  9. Nurmuhammedov A. Long e: a: vowels and their historical development in the turkmen language

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