Miras, #3, 2021

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Magazine «Miras», #3, 2021 (.pdf)


To the schoolchildren, student youth, teachers and workers of education sphere of the Independent Neutral Turkmenistan

To the People of Independent Neutral TurkmenistanPresident of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on Independent Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan

Y. Orazgylyjev (Ņurkmenistan)
Sacred Independence‑pride of nation

F. Turkmen (Turkey), S. Saglam (Turkey)
Yusuf Has Hajib and Yunus Emre on the importance and moral power of a word

B.Ņągąnīv (Ņurkmenistan)
Khoja Ahmed Yasavi: Bright page of the intellectual consciousness of Turkmen

S. Atdayev (Turkmenistan)
Tradition of mutual assistance of Turkmens

A. Babayeva (Turkmenistan)
From felt art history of Turkmen

Review of the events of social, scientific and cultural life of Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan (July-September)

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