Miras, #2, 2020

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Magazine «Miras», #2, 2020 (.pdf)


To the horsebreeders of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan, to the connoiseurs of horses and to the dear people.

To the people of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the people of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the skilled carper-makers, to the Turkmen people, and also to the participants of the exhibition-fair, devoted to the development of carpet, textile and trade branches of Turkmenistan, and the XX conference of the world association of Turkmen carpets’ connoisseurs.

To scientific communities of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan and to participants of online international scientific conference «Science, engineering and innovation technologies in the epoch of might and happiness».

To the people of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

A. Shykhnepesov (“urkmenistan),
Depth of philosophical thought and power of poetic imagination of Magtymguly Fragi.

A. Berdyyev, G. Churtenova (Turkmenistan),
Pottery items of Shekhrislam.

M. Atdayeva (Turkmenistan),
Abu Ali Ibn Sina in Nesimie’s outlook.

T. Khojaniyazov (Turkmenistan),
Creation of commodity- monetary relations in Turkmenistan.

Review of the events of social, scientific and cultural life of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan (April-June).

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