Miras, #1, 2020

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Magazine «Miras», #1 2020 (.pdf)


To mothers, all women and ladies of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the People of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan

M. Tuvakov (Turkmenistan).
Protective outfit of racer in ancient time.

Y. Nurgeldyyev, O. Adykova (Turkmenistan).
Rural settlements of mediveial Merv.

G. Khangeldyeva (Turkmenistan).
Carpet as a wonderful monument of art.

G. Gummanova (Turkmenistan).
Historical roots of Turkmen national marriage ceremonies.

A. Burynov (Turkmenistan).
Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan is foundation of peace and humanism.

Review of the events of social, scientific and cultural life of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan (january-march).

The contents of the popular scientific «Miras» journal for the year 2019.

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