Miras, #3, 2019

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Magazine «Miras», #3 2019 (.pdf)


To the participants of International exhibition titled Caspian innovation technologies and International car exhibition «Türkmen sährasy-2019», being held within the first Caspian Economic Forum framework

To the schoolchildren, student youth, teachers and workers of the education sphere of the independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the people of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

R. Kurenov (Ņurkmenistan).
Ģerv — Herat literary school of XV — XVI centuries.

M. Eshmuhamedova (Uzbekistan).
Peculiarity in the creativity of Yasavi school’s poets.

M. Soyegov(Turkmenistan).
To 90-th anniversary of publication of the first Turkmen scientific grammar and Turkmen translationdictionary.

O. Ekayev (Turkmenistan).
The horse in history of Turkmens.

G. Pollykova(Turkmenistan)
Restoration of leather bindings of ancient Central Asian’s manuscripts.

Review of the events of social, scientific and cultural life of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan (July-September).

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