Miras, #2, 2018

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Magazine «Miras», #2 2018 (.pdf)


To the people of the independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the people of the independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To scientific community of independent and Neutral Turkmenistan and participants of international scientific conference «Science, technics and innovative technologies in era of might and happiness».

E.Chariyeva (Turkmenistan).
Creativity of Lutfi is valuable source of Turkmen language.

A. Ikhsanov (Russian Federation).
On the importance of materials of A. N. Samoylovich for studying the history and ethnography of the Turkmen people.

G. Khangeldyeva (Turkmenistan).
Origination of national dance kyushtdepdi and itsperfection.

S. Sąglam (Turkish Republic).
The notion «Land» in Magtymguly’s poetry.

Review of the events of social, scientific and cultural life of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan (April-June)

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