Miras, #3, 2017

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To The Schoolchildren, Student Youth, Teachers And Workers Of Education Sphere Of The Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

A. Yazgulyyev (Turkmenistan) — Safadi — a Turkmen scientist, historian and literary man.

Y. ╬razgylyjov (Turkmenistan) — Renaissance period in the east: thirst for scientific cognition, achievements, historical significance.

S. Imihelova, Y. Mongush (Russian Federation) — Reflection of the national musical instruments in fiction (Turkmen dutar, tuva igil buryat-mongol morinhur).

F. Turkmen (Turkish Republic) — The likeness of patterns of Turkmen and Anatolian carpets.

Asian games-2017: triumph of the humanistic principles of policy of independent permanently Neutral Turkmenistan.

Review of the events of the social, scientific and cultural life of independent Turkmenistan (July-September).

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