Miras, #2, 2017

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To horse breeders, connoisseurs of racers and dear people of independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the people of independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the scientific community of the independent Neutral Turkmenistan and to the participants of the international scientific conference «Science, technology and innovational technologies in the epoch of might and happiness».

Kh. Yusupov, D. Annayev (Turkmenistan) — Talks about outstanding scholars.

A. Yazberdyiev (Turkmenistan) — Anushtegin Garcha — founder of the dynasty of khorezm rulers.

C. Syaotszya (Peoples’ Republic of China) — Turkmen Carpet: historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of people.

Review of the events of the social, scientific and cultural life of independent Turkmenistan (April-June).

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