Miras, #2, 2016

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Magazine «Miras», #2 2016 (.pdf)


To the horse-breeders, connoisseur of racers and dear people of the independent and Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the participants of the international fair and VIII international scientific conference «Turkmen racer and world art of horse-breeding», timed to the Turkmen racing horse festival.

To the people of independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

To the scientific community of independent Neutral Turkmenistan and participants of the international scientific conference «Science, Engineering and Innovative Technologies in the Epoch of Might and Happiness.

A. Yazberdiyev (Turkmenistan).
Altyndash — the founder of the third ruling dynasty of Khoresm.

Kh.Yusubov (turkmenistan).
Architectural constructions of Urgench: raising the veil of secrecy.

M. Annagulyeva (Turkmenistan).
National peculiarities of spirituality of women in the epic tale «The book of dede Gorkut».

Ya. Orazklychev (Turkmenistan).
Turkmen national rites: history and modern times.

K. Bayramov (Turkmenistan).
Ties between Turkmen carpet-weaving and architecture.

Review of the events of the social, scientific and cultural life of independent Turkmenistan (April-June).

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