Problems of Desert Development, 1/2008

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Odekov O.A., Mamedov E.N., Belova M.A. Prospects of oil gas reserve of Amudarya right — bank territory

Akhmetzhanova Z.Kh. Ecological state of Kazakhstan Pricaspii

Balakaev B.K., Taylyev N., Gulmanov K.B. Construction of main collectors in Turkmenistan..

Novruzova B.K. The impact of winter washing irrigation on the biological activity of — micromycetes

Babaev A.G. Alternative sources of water-supply of small consumers in deserts of Central — Asia

Saliev A., Kurbanov P., Mavlonov A. Urban settling in deserts of Uzbekistan

Arnagel’dyev A., Mamedov B.K., Nurberdiev N.K. Methods of selection and measure of — dust in the atmosphere

Veyisova M. Systematic structure of mycoflora of the Eastern Karakums

Shammakov S. Deserts reptiles of Turkmenistan

Ataev Ch.A. The peculiarities of reproductive biology of Amphibia of the Southern — Turkmenistan

Khabibullov M.R. Researches of Koytendag herpetofauna and adjoining territories

Muradov Ch.O. Information survey on methods of getting water from air steam


Ataev K., Shammakov S., Shestopal A.A. Taxonomic diversity of vertebrates of Turkmenistan

Kurbanov J. Acorus calamus in Turkmenistan

Levin G.M. Allium genus in Turkmenistan and Israel

Ataev A.Ch. Junipers phytocenosis significance of Kopetdag

Kurbanmamedova G.M., Akmuradov A.A. Population state of walnut


Karryeva Sh.B. UNESCO workshops on the conservation of biodiversity and management — of water resources

Buranov U.K. The international conference on the Aral problems


Lidiya Yakovlevna Kurochkina — 80 years old

Toty Rozyevna Rozyeva — 80 years old

Moses Mikhailovich Sarkisov — 70 years old

El’mir Ismailovich Chembarisov — 60 years old

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