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"Central Asian Research and Education Network" (CAREN) - project of the European Commission in Turkmenistan

European Commission is implementing "Central Asian Research and Education Network» (CAREN) project. The main objective of this project is to maintain and modernize the existing Central Asia countries’ network which has been created on the base of the "Virtual Silk High Way" project and switch over from satellite technology to land-based fiber-optic technology. In February of 2008 to review the technical conditions of the Turkmen science-educational network, European Commission expert group visited Turkmenistan and gave a high assessment of the established infrastructure of the National Research and Education Network.

Taking into account the present condition of the network infrastructure in our country, technological and financial advantages of fiber-optic communications, as well as the fact that the main objective of the project CAREN is consolidation of all research and educational institutions interested of Europe and Asia into a unified global network, the President of Turkmenistan supported our participation in this project.

National Project Coordinator of the CAREN from Turkmenistan has been appointed Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan - the coordinator of the "Virtual Silk High Way" project.

The objectives of the CAREN project is to interconnect research and educational institutions of five Central Asian countries with European research and education network GEANT, creation of the regional platform for cooperation of the academic institutions in Europe and Asia. This collaboration will enhance the scientific and educational ties in Central Asia and Europe, will allow scientists to communicate in these countries, which will have a positive impact onto development of educational and scientific spheres of the Central Asian region as a whole. In addition, CAREN provides to the countries involved stable and secure network. The transition to fiber-optic communication lines can significantly improve stability of the information system, provides high quality upstream and downstream.

The first of the Central Asian countries that have received a stable and high-speed Internet access at speeds of 34 Mb / s, became Turkmen research-educational network.

CAREN project is a logical continuation of the "Virtual Silk High Way" project and one of the possible ways for the scientific and educational cooperation between Central Asia and European countries.

The project contributes to the further strengthening of scientific and educational links of Central Asia with Europe. Also, the project has a positive effect in the development of educational and scientific spheres of the Central Asian region as a whole, enables scientists to collaborate with their European counterparts actively, providing access to scientific and educational resources of GEANT.

Overall CAREN project management is implemented by the DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe)

Implementation of the CAREN project in Turkmenistan allows to:

  • Establish the basement for the country's national research and education network development
  • Achieve the target set by the President of Turkmenistan - the introduction of the modern world science into the national economy,
  • Improve the quality of education and research,
  • Create the conditions for knowledge sharing and virtual collaboration with the leading countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.


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Project description. " Central Asian Research and Education Network " (CAREN)

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