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Science and Technology Policy
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Law of Turkmenistan "On Science and Technology Parks"

This Law regulates the legal, economic and organizational relations associated with the creation and operation of science and technology parks.

Law of Turkmenistan "On innovation activity"

This Law defines the legal, economic and organizational foundations of innovation in Turkmenistan.

Law of Turkmenistan on State Scientific and Technical Policy

This Law defines the goals and principles of the formation and implementation of the state scientific and technical policy in Turkmenistan, regulates the relations between the subjects of scientific activity, state authorities and management and consumers of scientific products.

Law of Turkmenistan "On Scientific Organizations"

This Law defines the legal status, goals, objectives and powers of scientific organizations, their types and types, state regulation of the activities of scientific organizations.

Law of Turkmenistan "On the status of a scientific worker"

This Law defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of scientific workers, criteria for assessing their qualifications, as well as the duties of state authorities and administrations of Turkmenistan to ensure guarantees of free scientific creativity and social protection of scientific workers, and to increase the prestige of scientific activity.

Law of Turkmenistan "On Scientific Intellectual Property"

This Law, in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan "On Property in Turkmenistan", regulates public relations arising in the field of scientific and technical activities in the creation and use of scientific intellectual property as one of the types of intellectual property.

Priority directions in science and technologies in Turkmenistan

There are shown the main priority directions of development of science and technology in Turkmenistan.

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